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Take advantage of Lot2You’s all new program to close more sales, faster
Lot2You’s Pre-Approved Leads are active, committed shoppers who have submitted a lead on YOUR VDP and are pre-approved for financing by at least one of the lenders in our EXCLUSIVE lending network.
With Lot2You’s Pre-Approved Leads, you can access pre-approved shoppers, close more sales, and set the right expectations.

Get Connected With Pre-Approved Buyers

Utilizing the Lot2You Active Buyer Network and Lot2You Marketplace, customers browse over 3 MILLION vehicles nationwide INCLUDING YOUR DEALERSHIPS INVENTORY and submit applications to Lot2You for pre-approval, and we send them to you. These aren’t your average leads. They’re pre-approved through our EXCLUSIVE lender network AND industry-leading technology AND ready to buy.

Sent Directly to Your Dealership

With a VIN specific approval from your dealership’s inventory in hand, Lot2You will send pre-approved buyers to your Dealership. Customers can fill out paperwork before coming to the dealership, saving you time. Unlock the power of Lot2You’s Active Buyer Network and reach more customers and sell more cars today!

Close Deals Quickly, Sell More Cars

When you work with our pre-approved buyers, you’re getting customers steps away from a deal.

Visit The All New Lot2You Marketplace

Search Over 2 million vehicles including your dealership’s inventory.

While advertising becomes increasingly inefficient at reaching real car buyers, Lot2You gives your business the platform to meet consumers you know are actively shopping — and impress them with the full value of your inventory, team, and customer experience.

FAQ About Pre-Approved Buyers

How does your pre-qualification work?

We pre-qualify through our lending network. The lenders we work with evaluate customers for financing with no credit impact, and gives qualified customers a real pre-approved financing offer that is VIN specific.

How do I find new pre-approved buyers?

When you partner with Lot2You and utilize our active buyer network, we do all the heavy lifting and work. Your inventory is already live in our marketplace and searchable by our customers. When a pre-approved customer wants to buy a unit at your dealership, they will receive their financing offer and your will be notified as well.

What do I need to do, to start getting pre-approved buyers?

To get started, call or text (816) 651-1075 or schedule a virtual meeting and within minutes, your dealership will be ready to go and partnered with Lot2You. Our team will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

How are pre-approved deals different from regular deals?

What makes these deals special is the time you’ll save. Pre-approved buyers have the means and will to buy. These pre-approved customers even have the opportunity to submit their stipulations before stepping foot in your dealership!

Ready To Connect With Pre-Approved Buyers?

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Start Funding more deals today! Lot2You helps automotive dealers do just that. We are a consumer finance company specializing in purchasing and servicing automobile contracts from Franchised and Independent dealers, who have prime to non-prime consumers purchasing new and used automobiles.

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